Tajikistan Female Officers Scheduled To Attend This Years Women Leaders In Law Enforcement

Domestic Violence

Although the Soviet period brought stability, schooling, and an economic infrastructure, social integration among the ethnic teams has never been achieved. Today, folks look to their history in creating a national idea, identifying with the Persian-speaking Samanids of Bukhara, who supported the revival of the written Persian language and the cultural beliefs of the Zorastrians. Ashgan Shuraih is the president of Saferworld associate Alf Ba Civilization and Coexistence Foundation, a Yemeni-led organisation working to strengthen civil society and promote equality, respect and inclusion.

tajikistan women

Despite a recorded decrease within the fee of maternal and youngster mortality, their levels nonetheless remained excessive. As for mental health, there were stories of violence in the direction of persons with mental diseases. Nevertheless, the Committee was involved concerning the high number of women living with HIV/AIDS.

tajikistan women

Like in other contexts regarding women’s participation in politics51, women’s participation in the Ministry of the Interior is seen as regeneration, re-enchantment and “politic laundering” because of their supposed “natural” traits. In the Tajik case, women are referred to as by the nationalist state in the Ministry of Interior in order to affirm his politics when it comes to transparency. Thus, the state national ideology supports very conservative gendered norms, primarily based on the necessity for women to be protected, and on the essentialization of women’s position in society.

Due to the success of the project’s dual methodology of social and financial empowerment we have designed a workshop handbook, which can be used to advertise concord /tajikistan-women/ within families and reducing violence. It helps to address questions of gender, relationships, household conflict, violence and communication.

The personal belongings of the mother-in-regulation go to the spouse of the youngest son. Tajikistan is a member of the United Nations, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, the Confederation of Independent States, and the Economic Cooperation Organization. All state workers belong to the Confederation of Trade Unions, which controls access to pension funds, health care benefits, housing, and other social services. Many United States and multilateral establishments promote business by reducing tariffs and offering loans and consultations.